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I am Marek

Hello, I’m a Product Enthusiast from Berlin, Germany. I help companies build outstanding products and create unique experiences by purely focussing on users and their needs and behaviours.

Building good products always means being able to work with great people.
I come from Berlin, one of the places where many things come together to get to know great companies, people and products and to help them succeed. Over the past 15 years, I have helped many startups in particular to develop products and unique experiences by focusing not only on the users and their needs and behaviors, but also on the requirements and KPIs that ensure the company’s survival.

For me, developing a great product means creating something of value that gives people something back. It means empathizing with users and incorporating their needs and desires into the development process. But it also means knowing how a product behaves in terms of strict sales and margins, where the problems start, and where the performance is lost. We need to know all the important use cases, most of the small ones, and how the customer is involved in the use case cycle. Interactions, connections and the effects on an existing system or environment are always in the foreground and determine my work on new ideas and concepts around value creation, value consumption and quality control.

My strengths lie in the planning, development and evaluation of platforms, SaaS software and mobile applications. I’m burning for topics like blockchain, tokenization of real assets, decentralized identities and the great opportunities that these technologies offer us and we missed out on the internet.

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Curriculum Vitae


lean product development, product ownership, product management, stakeholder management, product backlog management, product vision, ux design, ui design, product design, user research, user tests, lean ux, creative direction, design visions, interface design, online and offline competence, 9+ years leadership experience, corporate design, corporate identity, ideas, editorial design, typography, branding, start-up experience, team building, product marketing experience, design thinking


9+ years leadership experience
product marketing courses (IHK Erfurt, Prof. Norbert Drees ), 2009
leadership training (Forum für Führungskräfte Munich, Bernhard Freese), 2010
5 days leadership training at ELA (European Leadership Academy, Berlin), 2014


Curriculum Vitae

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