Make a dent. Have an impact.

Welcome to Cute Gorilla. I am a digital native, a problem solver, a product lover and enthusiast, an ux designer who bridges the gap between ideation and implementation, an user focussed creative and design thinking unraveler from Berlin. Passionate, focussed, experienced and always working towards a customer centric approach. I illuminate causes, help companies make a dent with innovative solutions, tell stories and engage audiences. My aim in all I do – from ux and ui design, web and mobile development to ideation, branding or design – is to enlighten, inspire, entertain and turning customers into fans.

UX Design

Enhancing customer satisfaction, improving usability, ease of use, interaction between customer and product

UI Design

Improving the look and feel, the presentation and interactivity and optimization of a product for effective and enjoyable use

Product Design

Creation of functional ergonomics and technical design, marketing approach and improving environment of a product


Creation and establishment of an unique image and differentiated presence in the market for your product or services to attract customers

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